In a world so dark and shitty, I know my babies will grow up and be kind.My boys are mixed. White. Black and Japanese.I may not fear like mothers/families because they are so asian and white in complexion. But I do fear for the world they are growing up in and will have to navigateContinue reading “#BlackLivesMatter”

Maternal Mental Health

Today is all about mothers mental health. Today can be the reminder everyone needs to wake up and know that a mothers job is NOT easy. Today is a good day to start taking care of your mental health. Postpartum depression and anxiety are real. The are not normal, but they are common. Reach outContinue reading “Maternal Mental Health”

Ronin’s Birthday Gifts

Hey guys! I thought Id go over what I grab and ordered Ronin for his 3rd birthday later this month. I will share Amazon Links for ease for you all. I got him a pop up tent, easy for us to handle and it is open ended play. Something he can nap in , playContinue reading “Ronin’s Birthday Gifts”

At Home Working Out

For almost 30 days now, I have been working out. No beach body, no paid anything just free apps and youtube and some past knowledge. I do take a Pre-Workout and CLAs. Do your homework. If looking for supplements or something to assist you, read all the info you can get. I utilized GNC butContinue reading “At Home Working Out”

Military & Motherhood PT.2

Hello and Good afternoon! Today’s military and motherhood blog is a blurb form multiple women and their take on this life style. Please note, names have been changed. “no one cares, you are out there on your own”- Kate M. ” You better find and know all the instructions, better to just keep them withContinue reading “Military & Motherhood PT.2”

Navy Motherhood- Pt. 1

Hi everyone! This is the first installment of my military and motherhood series I will be doing for roughly a week or so. This story is that of a Navy woman. Her pregnancy, and birth and dealing with the command she was stationed at. For safety reason, names, dates and commands have been changed. ThisContinue reading “Navy Motherhood- Pt. 1”

Navy & Motherhood Intro

I cant speak for the other branches, but Im sure its just as hard as the Navy. I know pregnancy and birth and parenthood is rough no matter what your job is, but i feel its especially difficult while in the military. Some, like myself are very lucky to not deploy after we have ourContinue reading “Navy & Motherhood Intro”

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