2020 World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is celebrated every year on October 10th. It was established October 10, 1992 by Richard Hunter. Hunter was the Deputy Secretary General of the World Federation for Mental Health. The top 5 warning signs: Long term sadness or irritability Extreme high and low mood swings Excessive fear, worry or anxiety SocialContinue reading “2020 World Mental Health Day”

Wave of Light 10-10-2020

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Established in 1988 by President Ronald Reagan. This month includes those who suffered; stillbirths, miscarriages, SIDS, or a loss during any point in pregnancy or infancy. It seems to be common for loss mothers to plants trees or gardens on loss anniversaries. It allows the memory and love to growContinue reading “Wave of Light 10-10-2020”

Intro To Homeschool PreK

Hey! Today I want to quickly share what I have been doing with my almost 5year old for homeschool. We are starting with 30mins or less 3 days a week. A letter of the alphabet a day. keeping it simple has been stress-free for me and him! I will share the website and books I’mContinue reading “Intro To Homeschool PreK”

September 11. 19 years ago

Lets stop with the political 9/11 postsūüėä Its not about us forgetting the cops that aided and now we all hate cops. Its about the lives lost. All the first responders that assisted, nit just the cops. Its about those we lost in the war that followed. Its about remembering the brothers,sisters mothers, fathers, children,Continue reading “September 11. 19 years ago”

Pride Month 2020

Here is a great pkace to learn about the Stonewall Riots: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.history.com/.amp/topics/gay-rights/the-stonewall-riots Why is Pride Month in June? “The¬†month¬†of¬†June¬†was chosen for¬†LGBT Pride Month¬†to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which occurred at the end of¬†June¬†1969. As a result, many¬†pride¬†events are held during this¬†month¬†to recognize the impact¬†LGBT¬†people have had in the world.” I sit here not sure whatContinue reading “Pride Month 2020”


In a world so dark and shitty, I know my babies will grow up and be kind.My boys are mixed. White. Black and Japanese.I may not fear like mothers/families because they are so asian and white in complexion. But I do fear for the world they are growing up in and will have to navigateContinue reading “#BlackLivesMatter”

Today’s Affirmation

I always hear people talking about manifesting positivity. They think it and it happens. Rather, they make it happen. Speaking it into the real world. Thinking it to happen. Do you do this? I try to, it can be hard at times. But I really believe it helps. Speaking it into manifestation can help keepContinue reading “Today’s Affirmation”

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